Outstanding locations in Hungary for industrial facilities with expertly developed zoning and infrastructure  



Kisber - aerial view of the industrial area for sale
Currently available area:
20 ha 980 m2
(200980 m2)



Mosonszentmiklos - aerial view of the location
Currently available area:
7 ha 9275 m2
(79275 m2)



Currently available area:
2 ha 2667 m2
(22667 m2)

About us

The KIT Kft. was created by the merger of two predecessor companies in 2005, while its roots date back as far as 1999. We are German and Hungarian individuals who have been business partners for decades by now. Our German side specializes in the planning and consulting for industrial- and logistics-projects, while our Hungarian side in architectural and engineering services, i.e. planning, project management and construction site supervision.
You are welcome to visit our websites at: www.tksgmbh.de and www.invex.hu

The aim of our joint enterprise is to provide optimal locations for industrial purposes. Our target customers are companies who wish to establish their production bases in Hungary. Relying on our several decades of professional experience in this field, we have procured and developed three different locations in the north-western part of Hungary, alongside the M1 highway.

All of these locations are characterized by excellent traffic connections, a solid workforce base – both white- and blue-collar - well prepared infrastructure, ideal soil conditions for construction and carefully established zoning plans which allow for an immediate application for a construction permit.

Last but not least we have also established excellent working relationships with the local governments and are regularly in contact with the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).

Optional Services

Beside the real estate for the establishment of your facilities we can also provide the following services, should you decide to settle in one of our locations. 


Industrial- and logistics-planning and consulting

Provided through partner companies - upon request


Architectural and engineering services, planning and consulting

Provided through partner companies - upon request


Project management, construction site supervision

Provided through partner companies - upon request



KIT Kisbéri Ipari Terület
Hasznosító Kft.

Frankenburg u. 7
H-9400 Sopron, Hungary
We speak: Hungarian, German

Partner Company

TKS Unternehmensberatung und Industrieplanung GmbH

Obertürkheimerstr. 7-9
D-73733 Esslingen, Germany
We speak: German, English
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